I am Luciana, Technical Coordinator and Signtory of the Dimensional area in the Trescal Camaçari unit, Bahia, Brazil. I’ve been with MEC-Q, since 20 years. I’ve also done my first experience in Metrology as a trainee.

My career has always been marked by many learning. Recently, returning to the calibration lab, I found a calibration label I did 20 years ago while I was an intern. I was thrilled to remember and realize that all steps was essential in my professional climbing and for the growth of the company, because at that time I was focused on growing up, learning, contributing to the company and getting where I am today, and I see how it has been accomplished in my career, in the team and in the company. I can follow the development of the laboratory, with innovations, systems and technologies, increasing the productivity and quality of services and procedures.

I am proud to be able to meet the needs of our customers, have them always satisfied and thus help Trescal to have excellent technicians and leaders in their team and to consolidate itself as the world leader in Calibration services.